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[RFI] Noise Search

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Subject: [RFI] Noise Search
From: Ed - K0iL <k0il@uswest.net> (Ed - K0iL)
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 20:42:18 -0500
On Sunday, 08 October, 2000 5:05 PM, kmarch [SMTP:kmarch@ix.netcom.com] 
> One of the noises that I am going to search and destroy has a particular
> characteristic.  I wonder if anyone has an idea of what it could be.  The
> noise is a series of modulated (garbage) about 3 or 4 kHz wide and spaced
> about 30 kHz across the spectrum.  The noise is always on, late at night, 
> hrs. Once in a while the noise changes.  It becomes stronger and is then
> spaced every 47 kHz across the spectrum. It stays that way for  an hour 
> two, then reverts back to the normal 30 kHz spacing. It is stringest low
> frequency (80M), can't be heard on 160M,  but can be heard up to 15 M. 
> anyone run into that kind of noise? ( This is noise number 3 of the 5 I 
> tracking, most of which are broad band.)  Thanks,  Bob

Could be noise from a nearby switching power supply in a TV or computer 
monitor.  My Sony XBR TV from 1989 put out a terrific noise in the pattern 
you described.  But only when the TV is on!  I just bought a new TV, 
Panasonic.  No noise!

You said it was late at night and 24 hrs per day.  Is it stronger at night? 
 But always there to some degree?  Have you tried shutting down everything 
in your house to see if it's inside?  With the rig on battery. try throwing 
the breakers one at a time and checking if it's still there or not.  Once 
you know it's outside, time to go DFing!  GL!

de ed -K0iL
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