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[RFI] NOise

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Subject: [RFI] NOise
From: kmarch" <kmarch@ix.netcom.com (kmarch)
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 18:29:42 -0700
The saga continues.  Does anyone know of 75 mix ("J") or 77 material clamp
on split ferrites for cable noise supression?  I have a found one source of
noise at a neighbor's  house (there are still three more to go).  It's a
switching power supply that runs a charger.  Possibly with the correct
ferrite material I can stop the RF from getting into the power lines and
other leads, but the frequency is 80M and 160M.  Amidon does not carry split
ferrites that are good for low frequency, just 43 mix.
    Also any ideas on how to quiet a switching power supply?  Thanks in
advance. Bob
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