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Subject: [RFI] TVI Filters
From: EDWARDS, EDDIE J" <eedwards@oppd.com (EDWARDS, EDDIE J)
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 08:11:12 -0500
Which type of filter are you interested in?  It'll probably depend on the
type of interference you are getting.  TVI to the video, probably need a
High pass.  TVI or RFI to the audio, probably need Common mode or ferrites.
And possibly also AC-line filter in either case.

The FCC's Interference Handbook (Bulletin CIB-2), which you can get for free
by calling the FCC, has 6 pages of mfr listings for many different types of
filters; there's high pass, common mode, band reject, AC-line, and
telephone.  CIB-2 is also reprinted in the ARRL's RFI Handbook as well.  

Here's some HP filter vendors:
Channel Master  (919) 934-9711
CDE  (617)996-8561
ICE  (317)545-5412
N6YHY filters  (209)531-1236
Ten Tec  (615)453-7172
Radio Shack

de ed -K0iL

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> From: Wilf Barby [SMTP:wbarby@quik.com]
> Can someone please give me the address of ICE or other 
> manufacturers of filters to reduce TVI?
> Wilf VE7QO
> wbarby@quik.com

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