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[RFI] HF SSB RFI on CATV Sound Only!

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Subject: [RFI] HF SSB RFI on CATV Sound Only!
From: W3DMB@aol.com (W3DMB@aol.com)
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 06:54:54 EST
If the signal is leaking OUT of the cable with the low level of signal they 
have in the cable then your signal can get in through the same leaky 
Contact the cable system..
We had the same problem - they changed some cable and it ended.
Jerry, W3DMB

In a message dated 31-Oct-00 12:12:54 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
kg0us@swbell.net writes:

>  My neighbor came by for a visit during the CQWW phone contest.  My
>  transmitter was interfering with the sound on his RCA big screen TV.  He
>  said that he gets interference on two other small portable TVs in the
>  house.  He said he generally does not mind because I am not on for long
>  periods of time but I was on for a long time during the weekend and he
>  wanted to watch the Sunday football game.  He is on CATV and the
>  interference only effects the sound and not the picture.  I inspected
>  his TV while my licensed wife transmitted on around 28.400 MHz and sure
>  enough the picture was not effected but you could hear the garbled sound
>  of SSB in the speaker.  I reduced the transmitter power from 150 watts
>  to 75 watts and the sound level was reduced but not eliminated.  My
>  television connected to a outside antenna works fine while I transmit.
>  Do you think a common mode choke on the cable where it connects to the
>  TV might help to reduce the interference?
>  I do hear a carrier on 145.25 and sound on 149.75 with my HT so perhaps
>  there is a cable leak somewhere.
>  Thanks
>  Dave KG0US

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