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[RFI] Cushcraft R8-odd power line noise

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Subject: [RFI] Cushcraft R8-odd power line noise
From: Stephen Reichlyn <ryansci@InfoAve.Net> (Stephen Reichlyn)
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 10:21:24 -0500
I've just put up a Cushcraft R8 to replace an R7000 that has seen better 
days. I have the antenna mounted
on a piling at the end of a pier over salt water. The mast is fairly old 
and the lag bolts that hold it to the
piling are rusty. I am having fairly severe line-type noise on 10MHz (and 
some residual noise on 7MHz and 14MHz).
This is the only antenna on which  I hear the noise. The 40M vertical about 
100 feet away is clean and the
beam, about 150 feet away is clean. I didn't notice the QRN on the old 
R7000 (but that might be an
indictment  of the poor quality of the R7000). Any ideas? Rectification on 
rusty bolds or masts? Feed line
braid problems?
Steve AA4V
Isle of Palms, SC

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