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[RFI] 7 kHz birdies in 160M band

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Subject: [RFI] 7 kHz birdies in 160M band
From: Kurszewski Chad-WCK005 <Chad.Kurszewski@motorola.com> (Kurszewski Chad-WCK005)
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 08:09:15 -0600
I'm experiencing a new problem this 160M season.  (I don't
listen to top band at all during the summer, so I don't know
when this problem started, other than it wasn't here last year.)

I have STRONG buzzing birdies (not a single tone, but a raspy
buzz) that occurs every 7 kHz, starting around 1700+ kHz and
goes up to about 2700 kHz.  It's loudest right in the 160M
band, 1800-2000kHz.  (Not because of a resonant antenna
measurement, but as observed on my beverage antenna.)

In band, on my TX antenna (shunt fed 110' tower), the buzz
is S9+10dB.  It's S7 on my beverage.

I've shut power down to the majority of the house and almost
all items in the shack, so I think it's outside my property.

Any ideas?


Chad WE9V

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