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[RFI] A description of my RFI problem - help solicited

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Subject: [RFI] A description of my RFI problem - help solicited
From: Charles Johnston" <ctj92@earthlink.net (Charles Johnston)
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 11:55:01 -0700
The source of the RFI need not be in your immediate neighborhood.  I had the
local power company out here twice to track down an s9+ noise that was
across my entire HF received spectrum.   The first time they gave up after
about 1 hour.  I called back and persuaded them to come back.

This time they sent their RFI specialist.  He found it in about 4 hours. A 4
inch long blue arcing at the nearby power sub-station.  Which I could have
seen it....anyway we called me on his cell phone from the sub-station and
temporarily squelched out the arcing...my noise went down to s1.... then he
allowed the arcing to resume and back it went to s9+

The sub-station was a full 3 miles away........

Charles Johnston

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