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[RFI] 2001 Ford e-150 van fuel pump noise

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Subject: [RFI] 2001 Ford e-150 van fuel pump noise
From: bob.morrow@tibpriors.org (Bob Morrow)
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 16:50:16 -0600
I have a 2001 Ford e-150 full-size cargo van that has major (S7) fuel pump 
noise.  (The Econoline vans are the same kind.)  It makes HF completely 
useless on my Icom 706/2g.  I know it's fuel pump noise, when the ignition 
is "on" the pump runs for a short while until pressure builds up, then the 
noise goes away when it stops.

Ford has some kind of TSB out for it (Another ham told me it is TSB 
99-12-9.  That is not it, according to the dealer). Two parts are used, 
f1pz*18b925*a and f5az*14a099*aa. They may make a difference on the OEM 
radio, but they made absolutely no difference on the ham radio.  The parts 
have something to do with the fuel pump, so installing them requires 
removing the gas tank since the pump is inside the tank.  I guess the good 
thing is it was installed under warranty; the van has 11,500 miles on it.

When I disconnected the antenna, the noise went away, so it is being 
radiated. <sigh>

I have capacitors across + and - on the battery, and from + to the frame.

Does anyone here have any ideas - have you come across this on a late-model 
Ford truck?

"Number 7 Pegs The Meter"
My Icom 706 page: http://www.tibpriors.org/ham/icom.htm

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