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[RFI] 2000 Subaru Outback HF RFI

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Subject: [RFI] 2000 Subaru Outback HF RFI
From: n6ki@juno.com (Dennis Vernacchia)
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 00:40:15 -0700
        I posed this question a year ago with nop reponse.
Well maybe some one else now has a 2000 Subi Outback
and has same experience or solution.

        When on 20 thru 10 mtrs I get a steady tone birdee
about every 15 or 20 kHz with about an S1 to S3 level

        I did try putting beads on one of the 3 computer cable bundles
that was emitting some RFI detected by sniffer loop I borrowed from a
but that didn't help. 

        Now get this, If you put on the turn signal, either left or
right, the birdee
drops at least 10 dB or more !!!! So I am thinking that it's being
radiated thru
my turn signal wiring and when the path is completed by the flasher
applying a ground or 12V, the RFI is somehow shorted out.

        I do not look forward to have to rip my dashboard apart to find
the source
as I can't physically do that kind og back breaking work anymore.

        My only idea, if someone hasn't already figured out the source
(and the Dealera nad factory reps are worthles for info) is to
possibly put a capacitor to ground at turn signal bulb sockets or maybe
teh flasher if I ever discover where it is and or also put some sort of
choke in the 
signal wiring line at the front and rear bulb sockets. 

        Any one else figure this one out on the 200 Subi Outback yet ????

( Rig is a TS-50S, antenna mounted on bracket to hatch back has been
either a 
ham stick or Hustler mono or multiband setup.

73, Dennis N6KI
San Diego

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