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[RFI] Re: alarm system RFI - Test Results

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Subject: [RFI] Re: alarm system RFI - Test Results
From: BJ3684@aol.com (BJ3684@aol.com)
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 23:04:56 EST
I need a clarification on something.

Have you disconnected all wires from the box?   does the box still radiate 
the noise when all wires are disconnected?

when placing the wires back onto the terminals, one at a time,   can you 
isolate the pair  when you start hearing the noise on 75 meters?

It may only be 2 wires., in which case you just need that torroid.  a couple 
of turns around the torroid, and you might be in business again.
Its essential that you use the correct torroid, and understand the proper way 
to wind the wires.
As rediculous as it may seem, I have been amazed over the years at what these 
torroids can do for radiation of rf energy.

Let us know please, what you further discover.


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