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[RFI] Another automotive RFI question.

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Subject: [RFI] Another automotive RFI question.
From: serazin@pacbell.net (Berry Griffin)
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 19:47:17 -0800
Hello all,

I have a small problem in the installation of a dual band vhf/uhf radio
in a 1997 Ford aerostar.

I can turn the check engine light on with a few moments of transmission.
Everything seems to work ok, just that pesky light keeps coming on.
The only way to clear the computer and reset the light is to disconnect
the battery.
I know the check engine light is a warning light for the emissions
control system, but I am hoping that someone has encountered the same
problem and will know what I need to shield.


Berry  W6EZ

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