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[RFI] Followup - RE: RF resistant TV, DVD, & Surround Sound ?

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Subject: [RFI] Followup - RE: RF resistant TV, DVD, & Surround Sound ?
From: k4ar@arrl.net (Bert Rollen - K4AR)
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 18:33:04 -0500
Hi All,

Some follow-up on my question.

I did decide to carry my triband HT with me to test TVs, much to my wife's 
chagrin..until I demonstrated on my TV in the shack.

Test was performed simply by passing the HT , in transmit, over all 
accessible areas of the target TV. Power was 5 watts on 144.3 & 438.0.

My in-shack tv is largely un-affected by 144, but totally shuts down when 
432 is applied closer than 12".

The effects varied widely in the stores. Some TV's were effected from about 
10', while their neighbors showed no symptoms.  A *very* few showed no 
symptoms at all, including most Mitsubishi and Akai models. Panasonic, RCA, 
Hitachi,and most Magnavox   models showed slight disturbance at contact on 
144 & 432 (One 54" Magnavox HDTV shut down on me). Most models of Toshiba, 
Sanyo, GE, and most of real off-brands either blacked out or totally shut 
down at 12" or closer on 438, and distorted at 144.

Surround Sound and DVD players was not as much of a problem, except for 
Sony, and 2 Kenwood models.

In a nutshell, I would recommend that any ham op purchasing A/V equipment 
carry at least a HT to conduct his own test, as there is so much 
variability in the performance, even within the same manufacturer.

It was a interesting experience, and certainly increased the sales floor 
attention to us, but no explanations were needed.  It became very evident 
what I was doing in just minutes.  Quality quickly rises to the surface.

73, Bert - K4AR

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