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[RFI] ford E-350 noise

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Subject: [RFI] ford E-350 noise
From: k2mme at juno.com (Howard R Ferber)
Date: Fri Aug 1 14:31:16 2003
Hi Guys
I have an E-350 under a Pleasure-Way rv which is very very noisy. I had
several  conversations at Dayton this year with the Ford emi guys who
design these things. Their design considerations only address the BC and
FM bands.
Their" fix" included many ground straps in various places and they didn't
seem too enthusiastic about the results. The fuel pump noise seems
impossible to cure since the tank is plastic and the nearest ground point
for any filter is nearly 4 feet forward of the tank. I didn't try the
fiilter since it involved dropping the  gas tank. Since the rv body made
that job more than Ford was willing to reimburse the dealer, they weren't
anxious to proceed. The engine is not directly grounded to the
frame(almost 1 ohm above) for no particular reason other than mounting
considerations. I have grounded the tail pipe and engine block and hardly
touched the noise. The hood is plastic  but has a foil lining but thats
not grounded. Same for the engine dog house. Those two things are next
for me. The dc is clean.  I'm about to head out in the rv for 3 months
and don't expect to be able to run hf mobile while moving. I suspect the
entire ignition  system has to be shielded from the plugs back.
Howie K2MME

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