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Subject: [RFI] RE: Concerning BPL video
From: mike at rfiservices.com (Mike @ RFI Services)
Date: Sat Aug 9 11:58:05 2003
Well, it's obvious from the BPL video that BPL is indeed needed. I say
this because of the bandwidth that is used up by all the unjustified
negative publicity concerning BPL. After listening to the audio several
times, I hear nothing that sounds like BPL. I'm a little confused. Maybe
I down loaded the results of and interference complaint caused by a
combination of power line sparking and several narrow band inside noise
sources. I'll listen again.
Has anyone ever heard of a complaint filed by a ham that is experiencing
RI from BPL? I have. The source was a touch control lamp 2 blocks away.
With an active BPL system in the QTH.
I'm in the business of locating the sources of RFI, regardless of the
cause(s). So if BPL were a problem, it could be seen as another source
of job security for me. However, to this date I haven't heard of another
complaint made by a ham claiming to have problems from BPL. Why?
Has anyone else seen a complaint that the cause was found to be BPL? 
Of all the concerns we read about on reflectors, why are they all
responses to the concerns and never about a known problem? Surely
someone would have had one by now. These test systems are in areas that
know one even knows about. Still no complaints. After everyone is
notified that the system is under test and it is offered, still no
complaints. Why?
When I'm testing for BPL emissions, I can hear it while my antenna is 20
feet from the source. However, when I drive away the signal is gone.
Why don't we put this much energy into stricter enforcement concerning
Dimmers, touch control lamps, doorbell transformers, aquarium heaters,
power supplies, TV sets and telephones. This would be a real challenge.
I investigate over 500 RFI complaints per year and over 60% of them are
the sources listed above. Their are more but they are the most frequent.
Power line carrier systems have been in houses and on power lines for
the entire 25 years I've been involved in RFI. I can count the
complaints concerning them on one hand. Those systems didn't bypass the
ham bands as do the new systems.
The questions I'm asking above are not because I'm looking for answers.
They are questions you should ask yourself. 
I think I already know the answers.
Very sincerely Best wishes,
Mike Martin
RFI Services
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Tracy's Landing MD 20779
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