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[RFI] Re: Topband: Help! BPL in Atlanta

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Subject: [RFI] Re: Topband: Help! BPL in Atlanta
From: k3lr at contesting.com (Tim Duffy K3LR)
Date: Sun Aug 10 21:35:21 2003

I'll forward to the RFI reflector. There are lots of guys who might be
able to
Tim K3LR

Tom Rauch wrote:

> I spent hours searching the web, but can not find where the BPL is installed
> in a suburb of Atlanta.
> A local FCC field engineer, in casual conversation about a BC band issue,
> mentioned they have active BPL in Atlanta and I even see references to it on
> BPL web pages and press releases, but nowhere can I find an address. The
> company is Southern Telecom or Main.net but nowhere in all the references do
> I see an actual location. It is like they have it hidden!
> Please, if anyone can help I'd like to go and make FS measurements!
> 73 Tom
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