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[RFI] Filing Reply Comments on BPL

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Subject: [RFI] Filing Reply Comments on BPL
From: kilo.mike at gte.net (Kris Mraz)
Date: Mon Aug 18 14:45:03 2003
N6JK said:
> I thought someone posted instructions on how to file REPLY comments to the
> FCC, but after searching the archives I don't see it.  Can someone post the
> instructions for REPLY comments, including the difference in between REPLY
> comment instructions and ORIGINAL comment instructions?  

1.  Go to http://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/ecfs/upload_v2.cgi
    Fill out the "Cover Sheet" as follows.
2.  Enter only 03-104 in Box 1 (Proceeding).
3.  Complete all required boxes (2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10)
4.  In box 12 select REPLY TO COMMENTS. 

    Attach your comment document in the next block.
5.  Attach your file in .doc, .pdf, .xls, etc in the first large
box and click "Sent Attached File to FCC".

OR...and much easier for shorter comments,

5.  Type your comments directly into the large box at the bottom of
the page, keeping <70 characters per line, and click "Send Brief
Comments to FCC".

"Reply Comments" are filed in response to statements made by responders
to the original NOI. In other words, don't just say "BPL is bad". You
should say something like "Company ABC said <some satement> but this
is wrong/invalid because <your counter-statement>". Likewise, you
can make a statement supporting someone else's statements (for example,
the ARRL).

Hope this helps.

Kris N5KM
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