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From: Kris Mraz <kilo.mike@gte.net>
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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 15:20:28 -0600
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> Folks,
> There has been substantial thread on towertalk concerning
> the InfoWorld.  As a result, I approached the magazine's
> editor in chief, and have had a response from the reporter,
> who wants to spend time with me next week.
> My e-mail is reproduced, below, for benefit of anyone who
> hasn't seen it.  And thanks to N0UN who moved me to
> subscribe here and stop polluting towertalk with this
> noise.  (heh...saw yours and raised you one, John)
> Jim, N2EA


Thanks for taking a lead role with this. Here's the URL for an
article written in 2001 that explains why RWE of Germany and
Britain's United Utilities abandoned BPL over two years ago. 
It also addresses some of the expenses involved for the power 

I hope this helps.

Kris N5KM

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