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[RFI] 345kv transmission lines

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Subject: [RFI] 345kv transmission lines
From: "WW3S" <ww3s@zoominternet.net>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 16:27:38 -0500
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The local power coop was out again today trying to track down my power line
noise ( S9+20 at time on 160, about S7 on the low end of 80 and just about
disappears above 4.5 mhz). They seem to think it's First Energys (not the
local company) 345 kv transmission line (the one that failed last year). The
popping and cracking we hear on the radio at my home seems to match what we
hear closer to the lines. As a matter of fact, the corona is so bad at the
lines you can actually hear it with your ear
(buzzing/cracking/snapping/etc).  I'm approximately 8/10 mile from those
lines. Is it likely that at that distance the noise would be so bad at my
home? Would something like a MFJ or JPS noise canceller work on that type of

73 Jamie WW3S

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