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Re: [RFI] Copper-plated steel strap for grounding?

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Copper-plated steel strap for grounding?
From: "Tom Rauch" <w8ji@contesting.com>
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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 14:30:27 -0500
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> joists, etc. Given that RF tends to flow on the surface of the
> conductor, how do people think this would work for RF grounding
> purposes, e.g., for connection between the rig and the ground bus? It's
> much cheaper and more readily available than copper braid.


I don't know why anyone would want to use copper braid for a ground
connection anyway unless the connection had to be very flexible, since even
clean shiny braiding compacted together with a cable lay has about 3-4 times
the RF resistance of a similar solid conductor. Of course dense weaves and
dirty braid is much worse, a typical braid off RG-8 cable after some age
with loose lay has about the same RF resistance as a #12-16 solid copper

I wouldn't think the copper plated strap (if it is real copper) would be
anywhere near as bad as braiding. maybe someone here has measured some.

73 Tom

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