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[RFI] Power Line Noise in Indonesia

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Subject: [RFI] Power Line Noise in Indonesia
From: Simon Martin <simon@knaap.co.id>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 13:30:40 +0700
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I am getting rather desperate to limit some of the interference problems I am suffering, would really appreciate any useful advice:

I have suffered severe power line noise for some time in my current location in Indonesia - I live in a built up area with interference from multiple directions. Currently this means I can use bands from 17m and up with little interference, but from 20m down I suffer terribly with solid S7-S9 of power line noise, briefly disappearing during rain storms. I have turned off the mains power and hooked the radio up to a battery but the noise is still there so it is not coming from any appliance/s within the house.

Contacting the local power utility is useless, their concern is to get electricity to people not to sort out some hams interference problems, so unfortunately sorting the problem at source is a non starter. I have given up being able to work on 40m but would like to try and limit the problem on 20m.

Presently I use a 2 element yagi with insulated elements as a transmit antenna for 20m with an horizontal delta loop fed with 300 ohm windowline as a receive antenna (this still receives solid S6 of noise) - the yagi is fed with RG58 via a coaxial choke at the feedpoint and is grounded at the entry to the shack.

I have tried an MFJ1025 with noise sensing antenna but due to the intereference arriving from multiple directions have not had much success, I have tried DSP in various forms such as external DSP speakers, DSP on the radio, and also various software packages with the radio linked to the computer. None have provided very much relief

I am aware that I will probably not be able to cure the problem unless I can get to the source but am interested in any advice that might make life easier, particularly on 20m. Moving to the countryside does not appear as much of an option for me at the moment.


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