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[RFI] RFI to or from LCD or Plasma Large Screen TV's?

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Subject: [RFI] RFI to or from LCD or Plasma Large Screen TV's?
From: "Wendell Wyly - W5FL" <wendell@wyly.org>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 19:14:25 -0600
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Any suggestions concerning RFI to or from 42 inch or larger LCD flat panel
TV or Plasma Panel hang on the wall TV in same house with ham equipment?

There is no such thing as over the air TV here, so everything comes via DISH
network satellite systems.

DXing and some contesting are my primary interests.  I have quiet noise
environment living on 75 acres in rural area and can position antenna up to
200 feet from house if necessary. Running KW with long coaxial feed-lines.  

I also see plasma TV's being offered at Class A (coml) and Class B
(Residential), but all LCD large screen TV's seem to be Class B.  Not sure
how they can sell non class B systems to residential users, but I suspect
they are considerably worse RFI generators.

Any suggestions, references to previous discussions (I did look up past
problems with old Class A Plasma systems via Google), and any other related
info or personal experience appreciated. 

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