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Re: [RFI] 1996 Lincoln FORD CAR RADIO....LONG

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Subject: Re: [RFI] 1996 Lincoln FORD CAR RADIO....LONG
From: Bill NY9H <ny9h@arrl.net>
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 09:32:26 -0600
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HI Jim & All...  that was me,,,,,,,

I "helped" my wife buy her Lincoln ( ford) LS three years ago.
It would not pickup up WLS 890  50 KW  23 miles north of Chicago !!!

My ford ( Visteon) radio  after 8 seconds on WLS  totally overloaded 
its front end with three other 50kw Chicago stations. Sounded exactly 
like when you pulled under hi tension lines and your radio overloads...

When I contacted the chief engineer at LS ( WLS) it turned out to be 
an old acquaintance ( as he is to Jim). Since LS is owned by ABC, 
which is also Disney Radio & ESPN, this guy   ( warren) "gets" to be 
CE of 2  50KW & 5Kw in the same market. Anyhow, Warren suggested the 
problem was because WLS is 30 miles south of the city and the field 
strength is WAY down on the north side.
Especially when the 3 other 50 KW are between WLS & the listener.

But since my VW and every other car I owned would do just fine with 
WLS.; I would not accept Warren's conclusion. He even brought the 
Potomac FS meter out to verify the low field strength.

The service guy at Lincoln said his boss told him the same thing, the 
radio was fine everywhere else but went garbage on 890! ....

Since I "apprenticed"  there in the Rock 60s, I refused to accept 
that the radio in a 35K car won't pick up my old 50kw ; I complained, 
and about a month later Visteon sent a replacement radio. No Change 
....Three weeks go by and they sent another radio & two 
technicians  ( or maybe a pile of stuff & two tech)..Someone 
suggested it might be a DSP IF ???
Now it works fine on WLS does fine on WTMJ (Milwaukee) and everywhere 
else I could find.  Maybe they actually fixed it ???  I cannot notice 
any agc/ or low signal level issues....

So if you Ford/Lincoln Merc does work on AM  complain.
I even had the names & numbers of the guys at Visteon.!!!!!


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