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Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 18:59:31 -0500
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Two Months ago I was hired by a power company to assist a ham with his power
line noise. I made an appt. with the ham for 8am. He explained he wanted me
there at 8 and it would only take a minute because he had already found the
problem by tapping the pole. I told him I couldn't be there until eight and
to not hit the poles and explained why.
When I arrived, I saw 4 of his neighbors looking with wonder and I then saw
a Ham and a hammer.
He couldn't wait. He had when out to verify once more that the hammer method
works and that he indeed had the correct pole. He did have the correct pole
and now he could see the arcing line. The line was now arcing in his yard.
The source of his noise was the line on the insulator had been hit by
lightning and he finished the job with the sled hammer.
Dave you are so right. It is important that know one touch the utilities
equipment. This includes shaking and pulling on guy wires.
By the way, the ham paid for the repair.
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Power line noise has to be a situation every ham has experienced...

Question to all.  What is the prevailing thought about hitting wooden
electric poles with a sledge hammer - as a trouble shooting tool?

I think there was a recent thread about this "trouble shooting" practice
as being a very bad - dangerous thing to do.

Regards - 73's

dave garnier - wb9own

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