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[RFI] Interference on 80M

To: rfi@contesting.com
Subject: [RFI] Interference on 80M
From: K5uny@aol.com
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 17:17:45 EST
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   Good Afternoon all,
  Just a question I wanted to put out to see if anyone is hearing this and 
mite have a suggestion or two as to where I can start looking.
   On 80 meters from 3550 to 3600 I am hearing a rushing or waterfall noise 
that is S9. On either side of the above frequencies its not there. I have 
checked throughout a 24 hour period and it seems to be around all of the time, 
least when I listened it was there.
   Only band affected is that small segment on 80, thats the weird part. I 
also killed the main breaker coming into my residence and ran the radio off my 
backup battery system. The noise isn't from me!!!!!
   Thanks  Alex K5UNY
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