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Re: [RFI] EMI & EMC Conducted Noise Meaning?

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Subject: Re: [RFI] EMI & EMC Conducted Noise Meaning?
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Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2006 21:38:03 -0600
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I think I will go back to the original plan.

Start with a pair of 12v batteries in series and drop the
voltage to 19 and 16 v using a couple of zeners, some
resistors, and regulators.

I am guessing that is the most bulletproof and least
noisy methodology.

The key will be to keep the voltage level up in the batteries
so the linear relationship between the source and the output
will be maintained.

That will require batteries with significantly more capacity
than I anticipate needing and redundant recharging sources:
solar, ac, and perhaps a pedal-driven generator!

I wonder if a big fat cap, perhaps one of the auto sound
1 farad jobs, on each output will absorb the load surges
and keep everything happier?

> I doubt the power supply you are talking about can be as quiet as you want
> it to be.  For one thing it really is an "industrial" supply. No one is
> ever likely to be listening to a Braves game on the AM radio next to one, 
> you know? So they don't have to design it so anyone can.  And it's a high
> powered supply, too, which implies minimal impedance (RF filtering) on its
> supply and output sides.
> Per your separate E-mail I see you want to run laptop computers off quiet
> PS's.   I am looking myself at modifying an analog 13.8V PS to 16V for a
> laptop computer, to get rid of the noise a switcher makes.  It's no big
> deal (assuming the caps can handle 16 volts) to move a 13.8V PS up to 16
> volts. or to add a separate 16 volt regulator (if there's enough voltage
> for it).   19 volts is a bit different story and you might may have to
> build an analog PS or start with a 24V (analog!) one just for that. 
> Switchers *can* be quiet,, but in general, for Amateur Radio use,  if you
> do get a switching PS -- they're light, small and efficient -- you'll want
> one that has been >tested< as quiet. And not just Class B quiet, either,
> but quiet in actual use.  

A blessed New Year to all!
Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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