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Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 09:27:26 -0400
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Dave has a point that the $1M was probably a calculated cost of doing
business.  Risking a million to make $500M in sales is a sound risk for
low end electronics companies.  If the FCC  is sucessful in blocking the
importation of their products that will affect their bottom line more
than the fine.


The FCC has issued a "Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture and 
Order" against Behringer USA, including a $1,000,000 fine. The 
offense is the importation and sale of "50 models of unauthorized 
radio frequency devices, specifically digital audio music devices, in 
apparent willful and repeated violation of Section 302(b) of the 
Communications Act . . . . . ."


The order was issued Feb 16, 2006, but I just came across it. 

You've got to do quite a bit to arouse the FCC to ANY action (other 
than a bit of exposed anatomy on national TV), and $1,000,000 is a 
VERY large fine by FCC standards. 

FWIW, Behringer has long been considered a very bad citizen in the 
world of pro audio. They have a repution for very poor build quality, 
and very poor support. A google search will quickly turn up lots of 
bad behavior. 

Jim Brown K9YC


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Don't think we have to feel too bad for them..$1M might sounds like a
fine to us but for a company who did over $500M it was probably a
decision to ignore the FCC regulations as a calculated risk of doing
business.  Feel sorry for future product consumers who will carry the
of the fine with higher retail prices for next years products.


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