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[RFI] Need Help Supressing a SOLO F80 Tread Mill

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Subject: [RFI] Need Help Supressing a SOLO F80 Tread Mill
From: "Michael, Dana A" <dana.michael@tycoelectronics.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 10:29:48 -0400
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My next door neighbor has a SOLO F80 Tread mill that makes 20 over S9
noise on the HF bands. 80M is the worst but it makes noise from the AMBC
band up through 10M. When they use the tread mill I just turn my radio
off because I can't hear anything but the strongest signals. The noise
is from the switching power supply - variable frequency drive for the

I have supplied two different line filters, which do not even reduce the
The first filter I tried is a Corcom 10VN1 that I put in a nice box with
cord and socket. The second filter I tried is a Shaffner FN682-10/06.
These are expensive and good filters but they don't help. 

I tried calling the SOLO Tech Support Line at 800-258-8511 and they
suggested getting a filter from Radio Shack or Granger. The tech said
they have had other noise complaints. I told the tech that the filters
didn't help and I wanted to talk to engineering and he told me they are
in China. It looks like I will get little help from them.

Anyone have any other ideas? I am not going to modify the tread mill and
plug in filter don't seem to work.

TNX es 73,
D. A. "Mike" Michael W3TS
Halifax, Pa.

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