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Re: [RFI] Was RFI from Astron power supply

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Was RFI from Astron power supply
From: Michael Brown <k9mi@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 08:05:08 -0700 (PDT)
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What happens when you remove the antenna from the radio?
  73, Mike K9MI

rrath@charter.net wrote:
  As my last update stated, the power supply is ok. Here is my last very short 
test I made yesterday before being called out to another fire.

A local electrical company here ran a deticated outlet for the power supply. I 
had 40 s-units of noise with the old outlet and 30 s-units with the new outlet, 
on 3.985.00. While in the old outlet I ran thru some frequencies and here is 
what I found:

3.000.00 S-8 3.930.00 S-60
3.500.00 S-10 3.950.00 S-20
3.800.00 S-40 3.980.00 S-40
3.840.00 S-20 3.990.00 S-40
3.860.00 S-40 4.000.00 S-10
3.900.00 S-20 4.020.00 S-8

The main frequency that we use is 3.985.00 and it was S-30 to S-40.

Also as stated in my last update, they were going to replace the ballasts in 
the radio room with electronic type ballasts. I printed off several of your 
replies about the noise that they produce and gave them to our City 
Manager. He read them and passed them along to the head of Public Works 
who read and gave them to the electric company that put in the new 
deticated outlet. To date they have not been change out, still have the old 

I still want to get in there and at the power panels, turn on one switch at a 
time and track down where and what will make noise. The City Manager 
agreed. Now I just need to find the time between working two full time jobs. 
(I need the money, our son just got married, our daughter will get married in 
Vegas (OUCH), planning a two week vacation down to Yarnel Arizona, just 
spent $900 on new tires and the most important I have two repeaters that I 
need to keep running with a third repeater coming in Aug. hi hi ;-)

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