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Subject: [RFI] Ethernet Extenders
From: "David Jordan" <wa3gin@comcast.net>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 10:45:48 -0400
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Hi folks,


This one has really got me wrapped around the axle.


At my location I have a barn/ham shack about 1,000 ft from the house. The HF
station is a TS-480.  The station is connected to the Internet via a dial-up
modem. I have been operating the station via the Internet for about seven


Recently, I ran CAT-5 cable from the house to the barn. Installed Ethernet
extender boxes ( www.netsys-direct.com <http://www.netsys-direct.com/>  ) at
both ends and have a nice 1Mbps connection between the two buildings.  So, I
now successfully operate the station from the house without using the
dial-up connection which is SLOW. The station operates 160-6m. When I issue
an instruction to place the TS-480 in transmit mode for CW the link fails
and I have to walk down to the barn to un-key the radio. On all bands other
than 7MHz and 10MHz this command is successful. With the radio output set to
5 watts and terminated into a dummy load the failure mode is reproducible.
However, if I operate SSB I can run the legal limit to the dummy load or to
½ wave dipoles and experience no failure of the Ethernet link. Go figure!


Even more interesting is the fact that this failure doesn?t not occur when
using the radio with the CAT controller, i.e. sitting at the radio and PC
sending commands from the keyboard of the host PC.  Additionally, I do not
have this failure when using the dial-up modem. It occurs ?only? when using
the Ethernet link and only on 7MHz and 10MHz.  


I?m beginning to think this is not an RFI issue. Are there any IP gurus out
there that think, as I do, that perhaps I have a defective Ethernet extender
box which somehow is reading the command string and resetting the link?  I
just can?t believe this is an RFI problem that is only specific to CW or AM
mode but not SSB on those two bands. 


Thoughts are welcome,



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