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[RFI] XM rcvr noises up HF

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Subject: [RFI] XM rcvr noises up HF
From: Mike - W5JR <w5jr@bellsouth.net>
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2007 00:37:03 -0500
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Anyone else have/had this issue and fixed it?

My XM rcvr, a Roady II, generates significant noise as heard via my 
IC-706 from 40m thru 6m.  The wider bandwidths are more impacted.  I 
hear no impact on 2m.  It typically adds a couple of S units.  When I 
put my hand over the front of the display, the noise goes down 
considerably but not all the way.  I suspect something related to the 
display or the back lighting.  I have another 2-way with a vacuum 
florescent display that causes noise, but I can turn it off and keep 
the radio on.

Thoughts, ideas or recommendations?


- mike / w5jr 

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