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Subject: Re: [RFI] High Efficience Furnaces
From: "K9RBorowski" <k9rb@bellsouth.net>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 16:20:25 -0400
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Jim, I've had a TRANE high efficiency system, now into it's third year and
it's perfectly quiet from an RFI standpoint. I'm quite happy with the
variable speed air handler with the speed ramp up - ramp down making no
noise either. My system is all electric, so if you require a gas heat
system, the spark igniter may generate radiated noise for a couple of
seconds when it first comes on each time it cycles. I don't believe that
pilot light / thermocouple systems are in use by any manufacturer any
longer, but you may wish to investigate that. If so, they have their
advantages over the newer spark igniters. The pilot lights make no RFI noise
ever and are significantly less costly to repair as it seems that the only
problem they ever exhibited was the thermocouples going bad, which was
usually a 5 minute $10 fix. Another advantage of pilot lights was they kept
the combustion area and burners just warm enough to prevent condensation and
rust during the off-season. That being offset by the small extra cost of the
gas used to keep the pilot lit. The spark ignition system's cost to repair
and any increased maintenance or shortened life span from any condensation
effects, plus the occasional second or two of RFI with each 'on' cycle are
things to consider if there still is a choice. 73, Rog-K9RB

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