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[RFI] Smoke and CO alarms update

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Subject: [RFI] Smoke and CO alarms update
From: "Rick D" <n6pe@pacbell.net>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 10:00:38 -0700
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Turns out my CO detector is a Kidde.
I took it apart and could see a 10ufd electrolytic across the battery 
Put a 0.047 disk across it and no beeping on 160 or 80......... yeah
But wait, fired up on 10 meters in the CQP and bbeeeeeeeeeepppppppp
So maybe it needs a .01 hi hi
Removing the batteries works best.

I have a 50ua RF sniffer and bringing it near any metal/wiring will pin the 
meter when 10 meters is transmitting a KW. Going along the ceiling, there 
are some spots where it drops to 1/2 scale and others where it is zero, but 
too close to the wall to move the detector. As little as 2" difference can 
take it from zero to full scale. I suspect the wiring for the hall lights 
runs down the center of the corridor.

As an additional fun time, 10 meters set off my lawn sprinklers with the 
controller in the OFF POSITION. Clamp on ferrites at the controller cures 
the problem.

My 10 meter antenna is an ATB-34A tribander at 35' with a boom balun and a 
coax choke at grade before it runs along the ground to the house. I have a 
6" wide grounding screen on the desk that all the equipment connects to an a 
single 4' wire to an 8' ground rod (yes I know RF/AC ground difference) but 
it seemed like a good idea. There are additional ground rods every 10' or so 
connected with #10 wire down and around the foundation to the tower about 
40' away. The base of the tower has buried and surface radials for 160 and 

Rick Darwicki  -= N6PE =-
17775 Elmhurst Circle
Yorba Linda, CA 92886



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