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Re: [RFI] Testing & Comparing Compact Fluorescents?

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Testing & Comparing Compact Fluorescents?
From: Alan NV8A <nv8a@att.net>
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2007 15:42:50 -0400
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The packaging of the n:vison CFLs I've seen at my local HD explicitly 
says that they may cause RFI and should not be used close to emergency 
communications equipment.

But I've never used them to know how they compare with others.


Alan NV8A

On 10/08/07 01:22 am Eric Rosenberg wrote:

> While at Home depot this morning, I wonderd how many CCLs they had and 
> how the prices have gone down.
> HD carries  the n:vision brand (www.nvisionusa.com) and some others.  
> They used to carry Philips.
> Question: has anyone done RFI field testing of CFLs?  th e 60w 
> equivalent seems to be quiet. 
> The  n:vision  75 watt equivalent was *very* noisy to my ear (never 
> turned on a radio) when I turned it on.
> If you have or can get information on CFLs in the RFI context would be 
> greatly appreciated.

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