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Re: [RFI] 120Hz period noise ID

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Subject: Re: [RFI] 120Hz period noise ID
From: "RFI Services" <Mike@rfiservices.com>
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Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007 06:39:39 -0500
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Hello Leigh,
The pattern is the result of arcing. However, the picture alone would lead
to a guess at best. If you can send me a wav file recorded in am mode I can
tell you which way to go from here.
When recording the noise, remove rx filters and go as wide as possible. Use
a freq. with no other signal present. If the sound is cycling on and off,
try to capture a segment with the on & off timing. Play back your wav file
using win media player scope mode. If your displayed recording saturates the
screen, re-record it with a lower audio input level. You'll want to see the
total oscillations.

Using the audio output of the rx to the mic input of a laptop works well.
Most people use too high an audio level and that makes it impossible to
decipher the noise signature.

I'll be around all day Sunday if you'd like to call and play the noise over
the phone.
Michael C Martin
RFI Services
6469 Old Solomons Island RD
Tracys Landing, MD 20779

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