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[RFI] VDSL- Digital TV

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Subject: [RFI] VDSL- Digital TV
From: "Pfizenmayer" <pfizenmayer@qwest.net>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 23:51:08 -0700
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FWIW -  very preliminary - but encouraging - thought I would pass this along
since I had asked if anyone had any experience  with VDSL.

I just had the Qwest "Choice TV and Online " package installed
because I could not get DSL and they had a pretty good offer for the package
since we already had phone and LD with Qwest.

They say the internet connection I have is NOT DSL , its a subcarrier/subset
of VDSL . So far the TV looks pretty darn good - I was really worried about
my HF KW
clobbering it or vice versa the subcarriers clobbering my HF receive . But
so far a cursory check shows I can run a KW keyed cw anywhere in HF and
without doing a single thing from the basic install - there is only a slight
(very slight)
change in picture "brightness" like some bias change somewhere from
rectified RF or sometimes a very slight diagonal line that looks like what
we see with harmonic interference .

(My wife says she cant see anything at all !!!!!)  At 100
watts I see nothing at all. Of course there are an infinite set of
permutations of possible problems like landing on a subcarrier or some
combination of HF transmit and channel selected - but I am pretty happy with
how RF ingress/egress resistant it seems to be. And I emphasize I have done
NOTHING - no ac line filter going into the Gateway modem , no ferrite chokes
on the coax from the box to the tv sets , no chokes/ ferrites on the
ethernet cable between the box and the computer. And my 80 meter dipole is
only about 15 feet from and almost parallel to a lot of the coax run to the
front room set - and my TV set sits right by the rig and is under both the
80 and 40 meter antennas about 15 feet or so.(Its a Motorola RG2200C modem)

By the way a lot of hams with DSL say that at power on 160 and 80 they kill
the DSL connection , but I see no problem at all.

I have never had a "high speed" connection before - I got the middle "up to
1.5gb/s"version - what I get is typically about 160kb/s download from most
sites (dial up from same sites at a so called 49 kb/sec connection ran about
4 to 4.5 kb/sec download). The "line speed" test from a local server says
the "line " connection speed is running about 1.3 gb/sec.

Only had it since Thursday afternoon and this weekend was CWSS contest so
have not really played with it yet - but I was on 23 hours out of the two
in the contest and the wife never saw a thing - and I only detected a couple
things on receive that MIGHT be from the VDSL - but nothing bad enuff to
affect my operation at all . Oh, there is one very clean steady carrier at
about 14014.5 khz I had not noticed before but like I said I have not probed
for anything yet with my portable receiver.

 FWIW -- Hank K7HP

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