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Re: [RFI] W3NQN AC Line Filters

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Subject: Re: [RFI] W3NQN AC Line Filters
From: "Tim Heger" <n3xx@charter.net>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 13:23:46 -0500
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Hi Jim,
The filter is in a metal enclosure with a short power cable, about 1 foot 
long that plugs into the computer power connector, and another power cable 
about 5 feet long that I have plugged into a power strip which is used for 
other equipment in the shack.  Could not have been simpler.
My purchase was made from Array Solutions, and you should be able to find 
the information you need at their website, 
http://www.arraysolutions.com/Products/nqnaclinefilter.htm .
In my case I had a problem with interference from the computer, and not sure 
if this would help if you are having a problem with something coming from 
the RV park power lines.

GL & 73,
Tim - N3XX

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From: "Jim Hill" <hro5-2@cox.net>
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Subject: Re: [RFI] W3NQN AC Line Filters

> Hi Tim: Could you provide some info about the filter, such as power 
> ratings and how you connected it - next to the computer, at the wall plug, 
> grounding, etc?  I have serious problems listening in my travel trailer 
> when at a RV park.  Sometimes, most of the noise comes through the AC 
> power line. I managed to get a commercial line filter that probably costs 
> hundreds of dollars new, made adapters and connected it next to the RV 
> park power outlet, but little or no help.  I tried grounding the case to 
> the power enclosure, but didn't see much difference. Possibly the filter 
> was defective, but more likely it was the setup.  I resolved the problem 
> by running the trailer on internal battery power, but like turning off 
> your computer not the best approach.
> Jim

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