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Re: [RFI] [TowerTalk] GFI problems from RF

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Subject: Re: [RFI] [TowerTalk] GFI problems from RF
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Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 17:25:49 -0800
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I will take it out of wall tomorrow and find the brand .. don't know what 
the original was, and the ones now installed do not have the brand name 
visible.  Mark
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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] GFI problems from RF

> Could you please share with us the brands of the one that worked and the 
> one that didn't.
> 73 de Terry KK6T
> AA6DX wrote:
>> Hey .. we had our home totally remodeled 3 years ago, including all new 
>> electrical ... sure got rid of a LOT of my RFI problems ... but, almost 
>> immediately, I had GFI problems when QRO -- made XYL very unhappy.  Did 
>> not take many "trips" before one of the outlets went out completely.  I 
>> called the electrical contractor who had installed them, and he knew 
>> immediately of which I spoke, and replaced the outlets with a different 
>> brand ... nary a problem since .. .. .. said I was not the first to have 
>> problems with the model initially used.  Just FYI..  73 ... Mark  AA6DX
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>> Subject: [TowerTalk] GFI problems from RF
>>> My 80/160 inverted vee terminates about 3 feet above a GFI outlet for
>>> my outdoor lights.  The GFI quit first night into the CQWW contest.
>>> The GFI had to be replaced.  It did not just trip.  Is this just
>>> coincidental or could RF do this to my GFI outlet?  Cures?
>>> -- 
>>> Tnx es 73
>>> Dick W7ZR

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