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Re: [RFI] QRN Problem?

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Subject: Re: [RFI] QRN Problem?
From: "Jim Brown" <jim@audiosystemsgroup.com>
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 10:50:37 -0800
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Hi Randy,

Your noise level is not unusually high for someone living in a 
town or city. Indeed, it's lower than I sometimes experienced in a 
Chicago residential neighborhood!  Noise comes from many sources 
and is picked up by your antenna. Some of it may be electronic 
devices in your own home, or in the homes of your neighbors. Other 
noise comes from power lines, street lighting, and thunderstorms. 
Big motors can generate noise. Battery chargers and power supplies 
are major noise sources. 

I've written a tutorial on noise and RFI. It's written for hams, 
so it may be more technical than you're prepared for, but I 
suggest that you download it and study it anyway. You may find it 


Welcome to the list. 


Jim Brown K9YC
Santa Cruz, CA

On Mon, 3 Dec 2007 10:06:08 -0800 (PST), Randy Bell wrote:

>I am new to this mailing list and so am begging your
>indulgence if I post incorrectly or ask any dumb
>questions.  My problem is QRN.  I have two receivers
>at this time, a R-5000 model Kenwood  and a Drake 2B. 
>Both of them are switched to the same antenna, a Alpha
>Delta Sloper model DX-SWL.  This is a multi-band
>antenna covering AM Broadcast band through 13m.  The
>lead in coax is RG-58.   Within one S-unit, they both
>show a background QRN of S5 on 80m and 40m.  It
>doesnt change much throughout a 24-hour day,
>sometimes its up to S6, sometimes down to S4.5.  
>Thus, stations must hit me with a fairly strong signal
>for me to dig them out of the noise.  The first
>question is:  Doesnt this seem like a rather high
>noise level?

>Up to this point, I havent done much to chase this
>down other than power the receivers with a UPS supply
>while shutting off the main circuit breaker to the
>house.  No change in noise level.  Just to ensure the
>UPS supply was not the problem, I turned the house
>current back on, but shut off the UPS supply.   There
>was still no change to the QRN.  

>Im hoping that someone has a few suggestions to get
>me started in trying to reduce this noise.  Thanks in
>advance for any help.  

>Randy in Aura, Michigan

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