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Re: [RFI] Rain induced static

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Rain induced static
From: "Kelly Johnson" <n6kj.kelly@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 09:58:29 -0800
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This is something different.  I think I'm talking about corona, but
I'll let others comment.

I have some HV lines nearby.  I get static on all bands whenever it
rains.  The static stops within a few minutes after the rain stops.  I
can hear the static both on my amateur gear AND on the AM BC radio in
my car.  Most of the time those HV lines are quiet when I drive under
them while listening to AM BC band, but when it rains those HV lines
are very noisy.

I just want to understand why this occurs.

On 12/4/07, digital-conjurers@roadrunner.com
<digital-conjurers@roadrunner.com> wrote:
> I don't know a great deal about static induced directly by rain hitting HV
> lines, but here in dusty, sooty, gritty, 10-inches-of-rain-or-less-per-year
> San Diego County, I do know that the first rain of the season often
> produces havok if it's 1/2 or less; all the filth on the insulators from 10
> months of no rain makes an excellent electrical pathway when a little
> sprinkle is added.
> Matter of fact, it usually takes a good 1" downpour or so to really wash
> the insulators well; until that happens, we get arcing, power surges,
> outages occasionally, etc etc, and lots of QRN.  The power co. does all it
> can to keep the insulators clean, but they never seem to be able to get all
> of them during the dry season, which is most of the time.
> This is all I know of this sort of phenomenon.
> -Lin/KJ6EF
> At 09:23 AM 12/04/2007, you wrote:
> >I've done some internet searches, but haven't found alot of useful
> >information.  Does anyone have some links to websites/pages that
> >describe the phenomena of rain induced static due to rain on HV or MV
> >powerlines.  I've found a number of things talking about static caused
> >by rain hitting an antenna.  I'm not talking about this.  I'm talking
> >about rain hitting an HV or MV powerline?
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