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[RFI] ATT Uverse RFI problem

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Subject: [RFI] ATT Uverse RFI problem
From: "Roger W. Macdonald" <rwmacdonald@charter.net>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 03:56:41 -0500
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I've had a few requests for pictures of the choke and the choke's installation 
in the service box entrance. The core is a FT-240-43

They can be found here   http://www.romacsoftware.com/uverse/uverse.html

As to Jim's comment about #31 material being better, I have not been able to 
find #31 material except in the "cable clamp" form , not the core form like the 
type 43 material. 

I did try the type 31 material in the cable clamp form with about 6 turns, 
which is all I could get through the core. It didn't seem to do the trick.

Roger   W8RJ

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