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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 16:53:16 -0600
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        That's great.  My noise was S9 + 20 on 6m the other day.  I think
I've identified the suspect poles.  Now I'm just waiting for the guy from
AmerenIP to show up and confirm so he can write work orders.  I hope my
outcome is as good as yours was.


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With help from Mike Martin, RFI Services (a great guy) and my local utility
(they loaned me all their Radar Engineering tools) and a very cooperative
city engineer and the archive at this group I was able to rectify my RFI
problem in just a short time.

The problem: Power line noise S9 + on most ham bands in SSB mode including 6
meters. In AM mode you can imagine how loud it was!
The pole was located about 4/10 of a mile as the crow flies from my QTH.

I started with a small 19" square loop tuned to 40 meters and took
directional  readings from several locations and plotted them on a map and
went to the area where most of them converged. Then using the Radar
Engineering equipment went higher in frequency to located the suspected
pole, that took a while, there are a lot of poles and lots of hardware on
that street. A school and very large apartment complex.

Now for the fix.

I was supposed to meet with the electric dept. tomorrow but they called this
afternoon 12/30 to do it. I spent about another hour making sure it was the
suspected pole. They, the line men, were pretty cooperative but the lead
lineman was an ex Comcast employee and kept asking about mV per meter how
much was allowed etc. I told him none (which is not technically correct but
more so then not) as they don't have a broadcast license. They hammered the
staples first to no avail, tightened some of the hardware etc. Once their
boss showed up they were more motivated to find it with him giving
directions they finally disconnected the lightning arrestors one at a time,
on the third one the noise went away, reconnected the noise came back. They
left that one off for replacement tomorrow and reconnected the remaining two
with no increase in noise.

Now that that the BIG noise is gone I have noticed a few others, nothing I
can't live with, and I suspect they are in very near or even in my own

The city engineer let me keep the equipment, he seems in no hurry to get it
back as they only have 1-2 complaints a year so I will use it to look for
the others.

Thanks again
Rich, WD3C
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