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Subject: Re: [RFI] WAY OT
From: "Gary Smith" <wa6fgi@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 10:49:21 -0800
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Hi Dale.
I would suggest a small sheet of copper screening. Its easier to deal with and 
you can epoxy it to the underside of the car body where the antenna will be 
A suggestion: site where you might want the hole for the mount to go, then look 
underneath that are to see it is in an area that is practical to apply the 
screen. If so, drill the hole and then put the screen in place allowing some of 
the mesh to be attached to the antenna mount.
Last but not least, ping GM in Bowling Green and ask them where the *best* 
place for a antenna might be.
Am confident they have had this question put to them before. .50 worth on this,
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  I haven't had any experience with fiberglass body installs, but what about a
  simple lip mount to the trunk lid with a strip of metal plate for

  If the antenna doesn't perform well without a ground plane, attach grounded
  sheet of aluminum or copper to the inside of the trunk lid.

  Dale, kg5u
  > Fiberglass body and all...I am not excited about drilling a 
  > hole in the body anywhere for an antenna.
  > So..my question is:  How do I go about installing an antenna 
  > on the car for my 2 meter/440 Kenwood radio?  (TM-D710A)
  > I forsee a noise (RFI) issue, as well as a ground plane 
  > issue.  I am fairly confident that I can handle the noise, 
  > but the ground plane...
  > Hmmmmmmm.
  > Any thoughts?  Or anyone who is experienced in these type of 
  > fiberglass body installs that someone here could recommend to me?
  > Many thanks in advance!

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