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Subject: Re: [RFI] I will have the CEO of my electric utility arrested(Was:Re:I will have you arrested)
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Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 11:46:12 -0500
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By the time you get to #5 the utility has made it clear
that they are not going to play nicely, so ...

Copy these communications to the Constituent Services
Office of your State Senator (not federal), your State
Rep., and the Ombudsman for the Governor (if your State
has one).

Include a note saying that you are following the process
but would like them to keep a copy of these materials on
file as you have a high expectation that you will need
them to make inquiries on your behalf to insure timely
and effective action.

Remember:  Every government employee, elected or appointed
or hired, works for you.  They have an obligation to make
certain that the system works for you.  They will not know
that you need their intervention unless you tell them.
They, like all bureaucrats, will not act unless you prod
them - making it clear that it is in their best interest
to act rather than to not act.

Note:  Because the utility *caused* the problem the
resolution should not cost you a penny, therefore, getting
your government to force quick and effective action saves
you wasting time and money on attorneys and engineers.

Suggestion:  If both the utility and government refuse to
do the right thing, consider getting the media involved.
The media needs all the help it can get in rebuilding their 
credibility - advocating for citizens is far more proper
than them advocating for partisan politicians.  Build your
story on the harm done to your freedom to listen to the
news and other broadcast programming and on the "jamming"
of Homeland Security related training exercises.

 > 5) Contact the state PSC and inquire about a dispute
 > resolution process;
 > 6) Contact the state's PSC board members;


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