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[RFI] Privledged treatment.

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Subject: [RFI] Privledged treatment.
From: "Jon D. Garner" <garnerj@bellsouth.net>
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Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 19:46:20 -0500
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unknown wrote:

You may want to get your Tech license (it is a somewhat trivial exercise in
short-term memory).

Once you have that then join at least one of the disaster response groups
e.g. ARES, RACES, Red Cross, CERT, Skywarn, etc.


could and still can pass the AE class license exam but I have no
interest in it.

What you say perfercly illustrated my initial use of the word
_privledged_. And I use that in its original meaning.
Private Law.

Thanks to all for any input given. 

how about some success stories?  

Or even better yet........ there's gotta be a better yet somewhere in all this
morass of hoop-jumping.

No? Yes?

All this reminds me of a biblical quote that i will now mis-quote.

It is easier  to stuff a camel thru the eye or needle than it is to
get results from big monopoly utility business.


Jon-FL  StarChat IRC Network channels   #wunclub  and   #monitor
(2x Icom IC-R75, IC-R8500, Racal RA6790/GM, WJ-8716, Collins HF-2050,
BCD996T,  HAL ST-8000a, M-8000, t2fd, D130NJ discone)

PS.  Why not visit the IRC channel and socialize a bit. 
We are about listening to Shortwave utility stations.

3 receivers on live streaming audio 24/7.
and 4 more soon.

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