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[RFI] More on Power Line Noise

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Subject: [RFI] More on Power Line Noise
From: Kim Elmore <cw_de_n5op@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 10:22:04 -0600
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After having convinced myself that I had found The Culprit, located 
1/2 mi east of me, responsible for my recent increase in power line 
QRN. I'm now not so sure.

I've driven past that point several times since I reported it to OEC 
and have not ever again found it making so much as a single pop. 
Mind! It *was* extremely noisy before. Perhaps OEC has already been 
there and replaced something, though upon simply looking at it I 
can't detect anything that looks particularly new.

I've driven around the 1 mi section (in which I live at the center) 
with my mobile rig set to rx AM on both the 2m and 70 cm bands. Yes, 
I actually did RTFM and found that I can set it for AM rx at any 
frequency. I have found several minor spots on both 2 m and 70 cm, 
but the noisiest place seems to be at an intersection to my SE. There 
is all sorts of hardware on each corner of that intersection and 
stuff that belogs to two different companies and I am utterly unable 
to isolate whatever is goin on there any further. I'm not even sure 
it's the source.

I have a dual band corner reflector for 2 m and 70 cm, so I've been 
spending some time listening with it and my FT-8800 in AM rx mode. I 
hear almost nothing on 70 cm, but I can hear noise on 2 m.  There, I 
can hear more power-line noise when it's pointed anywhere in the 
southeast quadrant, but very little in the northwest quadrant. 
Unfortunately, what I hear is not exactly mimicked on 40 m. The noise 
is variable on 2m and the audio character varies as well, but 
relatively steady in both strength and character on 40 m. The noise 
on 40 m has now become essentially constant: it hasn't quit for some 
time, though it does vary slowly in strength. I can hear it on 20, 15 
and 10 m, but it is much weaker that at 40 m.

On 80 and 160 m, it is weakest when the *nulls* in my K9AY loops are 
oriented to the NW or NE. This is not in agreement with what I hear on 2 m.

It's clearly time to contact OG&E and see what they have to say...


Kim Elmore N5OP

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