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Subject: [RFI] OOMA VOIP Phone and RFI
From: Dennis Vernacchia <n6ki73@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 03:00:44 -0800
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Has anyone experienced RFI in AM and Amateur HF bands
from the OOMA Products VOIP Phone System?


This evening, after 3 months of trying to track down RFI that radiated up to
1/2 mile centered on 7.042 mHz
obliterating signaks +/-  5 kHz with a S9+ signal with other lee strong
across the 40 mtr band.

Jeff KE6L an I DF'd the source to a residence  using an OOMA System VOIP
Phone 1/4 mile form his antenna
but we drove all over the neighborhood before we located the source and
noted the ineterfering signal
could be piked up to 1/2 mile form the source.

  I subsequently also found the OOMA phone to radiate at low end of AM
broadcast band.

The neighbor is co-operating and keeping this VOIP Phone system turned off
actualy making calls.

I did a Google search and find nothing on RFI from this system and I do not
recall seeing
anything about OOMA and RFI discussed on this reflector.

Neighbor will be bringing the OOMA phone to Jeff's home lab in  near future
and Jeff will
determine whether the RFI source is Phone system or the Power Supply.

We are hoping this is a one-off problem, otherwise teh FCC will have to be
notified and action taken accordingly.

Please leyt me know if you have had interference from an OOMA VOIP phone

73, Dennis N6KI
San Diego
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