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Re: [RFI] re CFL bulbs in cold weather

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Subject: Re: [RFI] re CFL bulbs in cold weather
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Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2010 21:08:03 -0500
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If the electronics are of good quality, and are well-sealed, then
a LED may be an even better choice.

CFL performance is the most-dependent upon the quality of the
associated-electronics of the three types.

None of the bulbs will do well if enough moisture gets in to
freeze and force an opening in the seal for when it melts.

Nor are the electronics-dependent CFL's or LED's going to do well
if something in their electronics and/or mechanics change properties
in extremes of heat and cold -- or if they are not well-sealed from
the factory.

Mechanical quality and environment are the variables that make
apples-to-apples comparisons difficult across climates and power

We've not discussed the impact of the vagaries of power spikes and dips
on the different types of bulbs but that is a major variable as well.

> What brand or other special thing are you doing???  Are they vertical or
> horizontal?  Some of my outdoor bulbs are pain to change.  I would love a
> long lasting energy efficient bulb!
> Have you ever done a side by side comparison for life span?  I have a room
> with identical ceiling mounted fixtures on one switch.  I put CFLs in one
> fixture and incandescents in the other.  The incandescents have lived longer
> both times I have tried it.
> Thanks and 73,
> Joe kk0sd
> P.S. I have not had noise issues.


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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