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[RFI] Need help identifying RFI

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Subject: [RFI] Need help identifying RFI
From: Gary Tuck <gtuck@mac.com>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2010 08:25:50 -0800
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About a month or more ago I started getting QRN reminiscent of the power line 
noise I've had in the past--strongest on 80 and 40m and decreasing gradually as 
the frequency increased.  In the past 20 years we have been at this QTH, the 
power company has found and fixed the problems--I know, I'm very fortunate.  
Although I've notified the power company again, I'm not sure the RFI is from 
the power lines.  It lacks much of the sputtering spitting nature that I've 
heard before.  It sounds almost like band noise but about 5-7 S-units stronger 
than I normally hear.  It is on 24-7 with rare breaks of just a few minutes 
which makes me think it's not someone's plasma TV or furnace.  We have no new 
appliances in our house and I've reconfirmed ground connections, turned off 
routers and computers and none of it makes any difference.  The wx has been 
cold windy and rainy so I've not walked around the neighborhood with an AM 
radio yet.  The amplitude of the QRN seems constant--in other wor
 ds, I've not seen any spikes although I have only my S meter and ears to work 
with here.  My antenna is a 80m slanting delta loop.

Any thoughts, guidance, questions would be very helpful.  Thank you!

73, Gary W7TEA
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