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I have one on our meter, installed several years ago.  Mine is the "slow"
type, and doesn't need a van to drive by.

The only meaningful writing on it says "TURTLE*" -- implying the slow data
transmission over the power line.
I was concerned initially, but with a tower and several dipoles for lower
bands very close to the meter, I've never noticed any noise from it.

(By far the worst interference I've ever seen is the old-fashioned power
line noise.)

73, Dave N0RQ

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Subject: [RFI] RFI and Smart meters

This summer our local power company installed what I've heard called "smart"
meters.  They provide a digital readout of electricity
usage and apparently will transmit the information to a van as it drives
down the street.  After it was installed, it was still
read manually for some months according to the meter reader.  I'm not sure
if it is transmitting now.  What I do know
is that this fall I started getting broad band hash from 160m on up.  The
meter is right below my shack and about 15 feet
from one leg of my wire antenna (slanting delta loop).  The hash is on 24/7
with very few and very short breaks that I've
heard--perhaps of 5 minute duration.  The hash reads S9+ on 80m and still at
S6 on 20m.  It almost sounds like
normal atmospheric band noise but much much stronger of course.

Has anyone else had experience with these meters?  I suspect the meter of
course but don't really have a means to check it out.

Thanks,  Gary W7TEA

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