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Subject: [RFI] Plasma TV
From: Brian Davis <bdavis73@comcast.net>
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2011 15:30:14 -0600
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I agree fully with Howard, WB3FFV regarding the quality picture available with 
the plasma TV.  The picture quality is worth the hassle I have with my Samsung 
50" plasma.  The ANC4 noise canceler helps reduce the noise but does not 
totally eliminate it (I have not optimized my sense antenna location). I bought 
the TV knowing  there might be some RFI, so I looked into that situation.  I 
knew I would not be happy with the poorer picture of a LCD set.

Knowing the plasma RFI problems, I took my Sony 2010 portable HF radio to the 
store to check out the seriousness of the problem.   Needless to say with all 
the TVs in the store, the poor HF radio didn't know what to do.  The store 
("The Little Guys", greater Chicago area)  was very understanding with my 
antics.  They heard the noise also.   They agreed upon a condition of sale: 
that if we installed the TV and I had unacceptable RFI they would take it back, 
no questions.

The TV was delivered by The Little Guys (I think the name refers them not being 
a big box store), and set it up.  While that work was going on, I fired up the 
ham radio.   The delivery guys came to the ham shack and listened with me.  I 
was pleased that the noise from the Samsung was very acceptable and I kept the 
TV.  I now enjoy football and Nascar races in HD.

Antenna system is 50 foot tower with 5 band beam on top.   I have a 80 meter 
dipole at 45 feet running right over the house and TV.  Some day I may move one 
leg of the dipole away from the TV to see if things change.  The dipole is fed 
with open ladder line and used on 80, 40 and 30 meters. 

Bottom line:  I have RFI only on 80 meters and have noise spikes only on some 
frequencies.  I would say without noise canceling, about 50% of the band gives 
me problems.  I have not relocated any antennas in an effort to mitigate 
because my loss of 80 meters is not that bad for me.  I spend most time on 160, 
40 and 20 thru 10.  Don't dismiss the advantages of a plasma TV until you 
consider all options.

73,  Brian, W9HLQ
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